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What We Can Learn from Healthcare’s Intelligent Automation Journey

From back-office to front-office to pharmacy, intelligent automation is making radical changes to the healthcare industry. The door is now opening for automation to assist in everything from vaccination to billing to building out the nursing space.

Kim Kass, Agilify Director of Business Development, and Anna Twomey, Blue Prism Senior Solutions Advisor, Americas Healthcare, discuss how intelligent automation has radically transformed the healthcare industry and what IA can do in the future to impact the patient experience positively.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How IA is being used to relieve the administrative burden for healthcare workers
  • Use cases around how IA has positively impacted healthcare
  • What’s next for IA in healthcare
  • How IA is evolving outside of the healthcare industry
  • What other industries can learn from healthcare

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