On-Demand Resources for Your Intelligent Automation Journey, Where and When You Need Them Most

“Enterprises want to scale up adoption in the next 2 years but don’t know how. Scaling up is the biggest challenge to realize the promise of Intelligent Automation.” -- HfS Research

Having the right development team in place is vital for the success of your Intelligent Automation (IA) journey, especially when you need to get started right away and show ROI “soon.” With a broad range of certified automation developers, Agilify can augment your automation team to support you anywhere along the IA lifecycle.

Our developers are trained and certified in the Agilify Academy to assist with or lead key activities to enable you to:

  • Test current automations (stall points, root cause analysis)
  • Gather business process requirements and design process maps for automation implementation
  • Develop and test automation for targeted processes
  • Launch and manage the full automation lifecycle
  • Deliver break-fix and diagnostics for automations ongoing

Whether you are new to automation and wish to implement an automation program or are looking to add immediate value to your existing automation team, we offer you the guidance of certified and experienced automation developers. We can perform a business analysis for automation, prepare your processes for automation, and field a dedicated team to manage your entire automation journey over time.

Everyone’s situation is different. In some cases, organizations have a certified specialist but simply need more, while in other cases the “augmentation” may actually be needed to kick start your core team for automation. Or, perhaps you need certain types of specialists and certifications that you do not possess in-house and may only need for a short amount of time. Our Staff Augmentation services give you a flexible, variable, and highly trained workforce to start and/or drive your automation journey.

If you’re ready to guarantee your success, build a plan for scalability, improve your ROI, and grow your automation program, contact us

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