Integrated Automation Solutions to Maximize Associate Productivity & Satisfaction

Thanks to Intelligent Automation, there are now many new and different ways of doing work that wasn’t possible even just a few years ago. RADILO™ from Agilify is a service designed to reimagine a day in the life of personnel at your organization — diving deep to examine how automation can eliminate routine tasks and improve the workday.

In RADILO™, Agilify’s automation experts will perform in-depth, interactive interviews with businesspeople from your organization to identify ways that Intelligent Automation can change their time at work for the better. We’ll explore:

  • Current business workflows
  • Favorite and least favorite daily tasks
  • Possibilities for automating repetitive tasks
  • Ways to reimagine the associate experience
  • Opportunities to streamline business processes
  • Strategies to deliver better customer service

Following the RADILO™ interview sessions, Agilify will help you implement integrated automation solutions to solve problems and improve the associate experience at your organization. These solutions may integrate different functions across your organization across different types of automation software, but will always result in a seamless experience for the end user — with all technological interactions happening in the background.

RADILO™ is ideal for organizations in the early stages of their automation journeys that are seeking to maximize the time and potential of their associates through Intelligent Automation.

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