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Make payment seamless with a dedicated set of automations

A package of automations is designed to achieve specific business outcomes, instead of just accomplishing a single task. With a set of multiple automations affecting the same business area, you’ll be able to see strategic outcomes and meet new performance benchmarks. One automation may not have a big impact on your business — but a set of automations will.

PayStream is an automation package for payroll in human resources and finance departments. It cleans up data, provides audits on pay codes, and makes the payment process as seamless as possible. It checks timekeeping systems and makes corrections in human resources management systems to ensure that associates are paid correctly the first time. If you’ve been having trouble with making consistently accurate payments, this solution is for you.

What will you get with PayStream?
  • Automations that edit timekeeping
  • Automations for human resources management system paylines
  • Automations that handle automated clearinghouse errors
  • Comprehensive automation testing and process analysis
  • Customized care during and after automation deployment
How does PayStream work?

Working together in tandem, the automations in the PayStream package ensure that all payroll information is correct, people get paid faster, and associates can access their personal payroll data quickly and easily.

  • To ensure that initial payments go out correctly, a group of automation solutions works together to identify and correct entry errors.
  • Next, electronic payment errors are received and evaluated for immediate correction or manual resolution.
  • Finally, requests for pay stub copies are received and fulfilled, allowing payroll staff to focus on timely and accurate payment instead of one-off requests.

After implementing PayStream, a national healthcare nonprofit saw a 45% improvement in payroll cost over five years. They also experienced a 158% increase in associates served in the same five years, and the organization currently boasts a 66% lower average cost to process payroll per employee than the industry median.