Your organization is changing. Let’s manage it together.

Intelligent Automation is a revolutionary technological frontier in the business world, full of new processes, considerations, and challenges. Organizations have only been using automation programs for a few years now, and in that time, there have been some implementations that haven’t gone quite right. As veterans in the automation space, our Agilify experts have seen it all — and we know how to avoid pitfalls and achieve real automation success.

At many organizations, just mentioning the word “automation” can start to cause panic. Employees worry that robotic processes will completely replace their jobs. In reality, though, robotic processes take over menial, mundane tasks — allowing employees to take on more meaningful strategic and creative work. To ensure the success of your automation program, it’s essential to help employees across your entire organization understand this.

Agilify’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) services can help you establish internal guidelines and processes for continually monitoring acceptance and understanding of your automation program, at every level of your organization. We have three OCM service offerings, depending on your organization’s needs:

Business Change Management is right for organizations that:

  • Need detailed training and guidance for establishing a strong business culture of automation communication.
  • Want to give all relevant team members the information and skills they need to adapt to automation.

Associate Experience for Automation is right for organizations that:

  • Need to explain to employees how automation will impact their existing work, and how they can best leverage automation in their new roles.
  • Want to inspire faster automation adoption and increased employee satisfaction, resulting in reduced turnover.

Customer Experience for Automation is right for organizations that:

  • Plan to revolutionize customer journeys and create measurable value through an automation program.
  • Want to help employees brainstorm ways to improve customer experiences through automation.

No matter where you are in your Intelligent Automation journey, Agilify will ensure you have a plan that generates the highest impact. Click below to learn more about our OCM services.

Your Intelligent Automation program represents huge changes to your organization’s everyday business processes. As such, your personnel deserves to be able to give constructive feedback — whether positive or negative — about the automated processes they’ll be interacting with.

With Business Change Management, Agilify will help you establish a framework for open communication between your management teams, IT staff, and other employees about your automation program. It’s especially important to keep your IT personnel in the loop, since most automated business processes run on IT infrastructure.

For example, if you automate a field in an ordering system, it affects other processes upstream and downstream. Other business units might enter information or pull information from that same field. Communication between IT and all relevant business units is essential for your automation program to run smoothly.

Agilify can help you set up an automation change approval board as a precautionary measure to pause automated processes that may be negatively affecting employees in their current iterations. To deal with this, Agilify will ensure that your board has the knowledge and tools necessary to analyze real automation problems and identify effective workarounds.

As you start your automation journey, it’s important to help your employees understand the impact automation will have on your organization. Intelligent Automation is not about replacing your workforce — it’s about freeing people from repetitive tasks and empowering them to do more.

With Associate Experience for Automation, Agilify will equip you with communication guides and tools tailored specifically to your organization — which you can use to help employees understand your automation program, how it will impact their existing work, and how they can best leverage automation in their new roles. This approach will help lead to faster adoption, increased employee satisfaction, and reduced turnover.

Your employees are your true competitive advantage, and their engagement with and support of your automation journey can make or break the overall success of your program. They need to know that their roles are still vitally important to your company — oftentimes, even more important than before! With the right training and preparation, you can give your employees a clear understanding of your automation strategy and how automation will help them succeed.

Once your workforce understands and embraces automation, they’ll be empowered to deliver even better experiences to your company’s customers.

Agilify offers Customer Experience for Automation workshops to help your employees brainstorm ways to improve customer experiences through automation. Because many of your employees interact with customers every day, they will have unique perspectives about how automation can revolutionize customer journeys and create measurable value.

With guidance and training from Agilify, your employees will have the tools they need to identify ways for automation to help make your customers’ lives easier. Automation can have a direct and positive impact on customer experience and loyalty, and your employees’ expertise is the link to unlocking that impact.

For your Intelligent Automation program to succeed, it’s essential to continually reinforce the positive impact that automation will have on your personnel — and on the business as a whole.

Agilify’s OCM services will give everyone at your organization a strong idea of your automation program goals and help them feel empowered about the new work automation will allow them to pursue.

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