Published: Monday, August 6th, 2018.
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Do You Need to Be Monitoring Your Automations?

Is there value in monitoring your automations at the platform layer when you already have monitoring setup at the infrastructure layer?

Many rely on their IT organization to monitor the servers, storage and network the automated process uses. But that does not provide the whole story of what is happening while an automation is running.

For example, a common monitor for a server would look at if the server is on and if its services are running, and that’s about it. If the automated platform’s application is running, the assumption is that everything is fine, even if something isn’t running.

When you consider the operations and support of Robotic Process Automation, insights into what is happening with the automations is a necessity and learning that information quickly is vital.

It’s possible to find automations that have failed due to an error in the development logic of the automation. This especially becomes riskier when you start writing larger, more complex automations. If an exception isn’t written correctly, you might wind up with a platform that is running on a server that’s perfectly tuned, but it’s hung at pop up window.

What success have you had monitoring at the bot level?

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