Agilify’s COVID-19 State Vaccination Registration Automation Alleviates Healthcare Burden

Healthcare professionals have been feeling the sting of COVID-19 for nearly one year. With the vaccine’s rollout, states are pushing to get the majority of the population vaccinated as soon as humanly possible. With the vaccine,  there is an increased hope that we can quickly get back to normal. But on the flip side, the vaccine administration and registration adds to the stress of already burnt out, over-burdened healthcare professionals.

The CDC requires anyone administering COVID vaccinations to report all those vaccinated within a 24-hour timeframe to the state registry. If the CDC’s registration requirements are not met, vaccine administrators face significant fines. Each vaccine registration takes 4-minutes to process, times the hundreds—sometimes thousands—of administered vaccines a day, and it is clear to see the additional anxiety the administrative work is causing.

Agilify COVID Vaccine State Registry Process Automation

Agilify has extensive expertise in helping healthcare organizations and local and national pharmacies implement solutions to reduce manual, time-consuming work—giving healthcare professionals time back to provide exceptional patient care.

Out of our desire to help during the pandemic, Agilify created the COVID-19 State Vaccination Registry automation.

The process and benefits of the vaccination registry automation

Health professionals enter COVID-19 vaccination information into the health record system. From there, the Agilify COVID-19 State Vaccination Registry automation kicks in:

  • Automation receives a daily report from the health record system
  • Automation converts data to a required Health Level Seven (HL7) compatible format
  • Automation navigates to the specific state’s registry site
  • Automation updates required fields in the state’s registry system with data from the health record system within the 24-hour requirement

Some of the benefits from the automation include:

  • Increased regulatory compliance: Avoid the regulatory fines by meeting registration deadlines
  • Decreased disruption to the workforce: Remove the data management tasks and focus on administering the vaccine
  • Improved patient satisfaction: Patients are in and out quickly
  • Reduction in input errors: Automating the data management ensures accuracy across all systems involved
  • Increase vaccination distribution: Less time inputting data means more time administering the vaccine
  • Reduction in manual, tedious work: Data management is not adding value to the job for those administering the vaccine; it’s demotivating

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