This course helps Business Analysts and Continuous Improvement professionals build a CIFA program in conjunction with automation. Participants will learn how they can set up and contribute to an automation program instead of being subservient to it. Agilify’s CIFA Training is ideal for Operations Managers, BPI Professionals, and COOs as it arms them with knowledge about what CIFA groups are and what they should be doing.

Why Get CIFA Training from Agilify?

Continuous Improvement is a time-tested set of methodologies used in Six Sigma and Lean to identify opportunities for improvement at thousands of companies across the globe. Adding RPA to the toolset for continuous improvement enables an optimized process to be even further improved. RPA is the new technology that can take a Sigma value from 4.5 to 5.

This course is designed for individuals with Six Sigma or Lean certification and explores Continuous Improvement’s role both before and after automation. Participants will learn how to identify when automation is appropriate and when process improvement is sufficient for a process. Learning how to discover opportunities for automation and provide guidance to the functional team enhances a Black Belt or Practitioner’s skillset in Continuous Improvement.

CIFA Course Objectives
  • Identify opportunities for automation within processes
  • Discern whether process
  • Changes or automation is the best form of improvement for a given process
  • Manage exception reporting
  • Manage schedule reporting
CIFA Course Objectives
  • Introduction to automation
  • Introduction to continuous improvement for automation (CIFA)
  • The CIFA process – DMAE for preautomation
  • The CIFA process – exception handling and scheduling for post automation