ProcureStream Case Study— Procurement Automation

“Workload has increased greatly with no ability to increase FTE headcount. We needed a solution to perform our work faster and with fewer errors; engaging our RPA partner gave us the tools to meet our needs. Partnering with Agilify, the team built four automations that have highly impacted my bottom line. We have gained capacity, hard dollar savings and significant cost reduction as our total labor per PO line is down 58%. Huge wins for us in several aspects. “- Paige Horrigan, Procurement Manager, Ascension

- Paige Horrigan, Manager of Payables

Ascension’s Ministry Service Center organization dealt with tens of thousands of purchase orders, each day. In an effort to manage the procurement process, Ascension partnered with Agilfy to implement its ProcureSteam package of integrated automation solutions.

The results:

  • Total annual cost savings of $651,668
  • Improved efficiency by 30%
  • 30% increase in audit and compliance satisfaction
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