Business Analysis for Automation (BAFA) Training has the power to reduce your operating expenses by 10% year over year. Employees tired of repetitive duties can instead be engaged in creative thinking. Your company will be able to take on more and have access to real-time status updates for vendors and customers.

Why Get BAFA Training from Agilify?

Beyond cost-savings and capacity value, automation can deliver improved customer experiences and enhanced compliance. With Business Analysis for Automation (BAFA) Training, you can give your Business Analyst team the knowledge to mine your organization for automation potential.

BAFA Training is a 2-day program that teaches your business analysts how to gather requirements for process automations, to research automations’ feasibility, to enable your configurators to complete automations more efficiently, and to help ease the transition to automation by leveraging our years of experience.

This intensive learning experience, facilitated by an Agilify Certified Black Belts is ideal for business analysts seeking to add automation to their current skill set and others seeking to improve efficiency and processes with automation.

BAFA Course Objectives
  • Understand the differences between traditional Business Analysis and Business Analysis for Automation
  • Identify processes suitable for automation
  • Gain experience with the documentation required for automations
  • Understand gathering requirements for automations
BAFA Course Content
  • Introduction to Process Automation
  • Change Management for Automation
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Interactive learning activities with Change Management, Process Mapping, Risk Analysis, Prioritization, and Business Case Analysis
  • Best Practices for Implementing Process Automations