When implementing intelligent automation, every company should answer a few key questions:

  • What are all of our opportunities, and what are the solutions?
  • How will automation improve our processes and boost our bottom line?
  • When can we see the impact on our revenue and costs?

Agilify’s Business Analysis for Automation services delivers efficient answers to these questions so you can understand the impact of your automation opportunities, start automating faster, and measure your impact better.

Business Analysis for Automation uses technology that analyzes business processes in real time, in the background — without the need for in-person, over-the-shoulder manual monitoring.

Overseen by our team of Six Sigma Master Black Belts and driven by process mapping best practices, Business Analysis for Automation helps us deliver:

  • Clear automation process documentation based on data
  • Reports about automation opportunities you can take immediate action on
  • Process KPIs that will be impacted by the implemented solutions, not just “hours saved”

Infinitely scalable, our services can be applied to anything from a single process performed by one worker to thousands of processes performed across an entire company. This provides immediate access to the detailed insights you need to get started with automation development right away.

With Business Analysis for Automation, you’ll get:

  • A clear understanding of all your opportunities for implementing automation
  • A detailed analysis of how automation can improve your processes and boost your company’s bottom line
  • All the information you need to start planning, developing, and building the right automation solutions

The technology that powers Business Analysis for Automation is a combination of process monitoring and process mining. These are deployed depending on how much of your organization you need to look at.

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Micro-Level Process Monitoring

Automation Surveyor uses a technology that runs in the background on company associates’ computers and gathers data about their daily workflow as it happens.

This automation can track as many or as few programs and actions as needed, down to individual clicks and keystrokes. For privacy and security purposes, it can also be blocked from tracking specific processes. This allows our analysts to focus their questions on key human decision points that data doesn’t usually reveal.

Typically, a manual process monitoring exercise would take a team of highly-trained automation specialists up to 80 hours on average. Those specialists would require time from your SMEs, significantly impacting productivity. We offload much of that labor through Automation Surveyor, eliminate the disruption, and plan for multiple automations in one exercise — powered by automation.

Automation Surveyor is best for those who need a detailed understanding of automation opportunities within specific departments and individual company processes.

Macro-Level Process Mining & Micro-Level Process Monitoring

Automation Explorer uses a technology that connects activities across an organization to map every event in an end-to-end process. It then incorporates Automation Surveyor to dig deep into the manual tasks that make up every event.

This technology can analyze anything from just a few departments and processes to every process at an entire company. This data presents sets of crucial areas that should be surveyed in further detail to clarify automation opportunities. Those specific areas are surveyed to offer a full drill-down analysis of key automation opportunities.

Typically, a manual process mining process of this scale would take a team of highly-trained improvement and automation specialists up to six months on average. We aim to deliver the same service in half the time or less — powered by automation.

Automation Explorer is best for those who don’t know exactly where to look for automation opportunities and need a high-level overview of their organization’s prospects, as well as detailed information about specific opportunities.

Solutions Delivery Supervisor Justin Bishop explains Agilify's BAFA service offering and how it can help take your business process automation program to the next level.

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