Published: Tuesday, December 4th, 2018.

Many organizations are enthusiastic about applying Intelligent Automation to a number of their business processes but believe all that is required to be successful is to apply new technology to existing processes. In reality, upfront planning is essential to ensure Intelligent Automation is applied to those business processes that will truly bring the organization the most impactful return on investment.

With Agilify’s BAFA (Business Analysis for Automation), you will learn to find and focus on business processes to automate based on priority and value, and you will be led by our team of Six Sigma Master Blackbelts.

Agilify provides multiple levels of BAFA services to complement your own business analysts.’

BAFA for Pipeline is right for organizations that:

  • Have no Intelligent Automation pipeline – Agilify will work with you to build one
  • Don’t know how to keep the pipeline full – Agilify can help work with operations leaders to continuously identify new, high-value Intelligent Automation candidates

BAFA for Business Case is right for organizations that:

  • Need help creating the business case that justifies starting your Intelligent Automation program – Agilify will help identify and value a set of use cases or processes needed to satisfy most companies’ need for business case to get started
  • Have already begun your Intelligent Automation program and have a backlog – Agiify will help critically assess it ensuring the pipeline contains high-quality candidates
  • Need help prioritizing processes in your Intelligent Automation pipeline based on the ROI or business case – Agilify will teach you the skills to predict the costs to automate and what the automated process will save, both with a high degree of accuracy

No matter where you are in your Intelligent Automation journey, Agilify will ensure you have a plan that generates the highest impact. Click below to learn more.


Prioritizing Your Intelligent Automation Pipeline

Curious if your Intelligent Automation pipeline is delivering at its full potential? BAFA for Pipeline is ideal for any automation team, project sponsor/director, or automation governance board that wants to see the benefits of automation as quickly as possible.

With BAFA for Pipeline, Agilify will come onsite and work with you to evaluate your process automation candidates. We’ll collaborate with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to review business processes to determine automation feasibility.

For each process, Agilify will perform a structured Q&A session to identify and document repeatable, rule-based activities and existing pain points. This information will be used to evaluate against automation criteria, capabilities, technologies required, and the potential value of ROI.

At the end of our time together, you’ll receive an Executive Summary Presentation to assist with your business case preparation.

BAFA gives your teams the skills needed to strengthen your Intelligent Automation pipeline so your program can function at its full potential. You’ll know which automations in your backlog can make the biggest impact on your business, saving you time and effort and ensuring achievable results in your automation program.

This service is ideal for any automation team, project sponsor/director, or automation governance board that wants to see the benefits of automation as quickly as possible.

Determining If Intelligent Automation Would Benefit Your Business

Have you wondered if Intelligent Automation would be a solid investment in your company’s future? BAFA for Business Case is ideal for businesses that haven’t yet finalized a decision to automate and includes services such as process analysis and ROI analysis to support the decision to automate.

BAFA for Business Case promotes sound decision making on whether to implement Intelligent Automation. Agilify answers important questions such as how your current processes can be improved, which processes are best-suited for automation, and what the potential value of ROI to expect from implementing automation.

Based on best practices developed with many clients and evolved over six years in diverse operational areas, the BAFA service enables effective evaluation of automation opportunities within your company, which results in the confident creation of a successful Business Case. This service also assists you in defining initial priorities based on your organization’s structure and goals. At the end of our time together,, you will have the necessary information and skills to feed into your Business Case for approval on the implementation of an Intelligent Automation program.

Solutions Delivery Supervisor Justin Bishop explains Agilify's BAFA service offerings—Business Case and Pipeline. Both can help take your business process automation program to the next level.

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