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Ready to take your Blue Prism automation skills to the max?

Surface Automation Training is designed for advanced students who want to learn how to interact with any application, even those that don’t natively interact with Blue Prism. After taking this Surface Automation course, if you can see it, then you can model it.

Why Get Blue Prism Surface Automation Training from Agilify?

Blue Prism Surface Automation is a 4-day, classroom-based immersion into a versatile Blue Prism modelling mode, facilitated by an Agilify Blue Prism Accredited Instructor. The course develops a method to interface with thin client applications. Surface Automation allows the user to interact with applications of all types based on images and other visuals, without a need for underlying metadata.

This course is for the advanced student; it is intended for Blue Prism users who have successfully completed the Blue Prism Foundations course. Blue Prism Practitioner attendance is suggested as well.

Surface Automation Course Objectives
  • Gain thorough knowledge of Blue Prism’s Surface Automation Region Mode Editing
  • Complete multiple comprehensive consolidation exercises to test and apply learned skills
  • Explore the difference between thin-client and thick-client applications
  • Learn to interact with thin client applications and mainframe terminals
Surface Automation Course Content
  • Character matching (identifying fonts, reading actions, using text input)
  • Send keys (focus application, send global keys and send global clicks)
  • Image recognition (waiting for images, finding an image on the screen
  • Learning the training application and object model
  • Interacting with application elements (adding robustness, clearing text and special keys, validate text entry, using the clipboard, utilizing combo boxes)
  • Surface level automation exercises
  • Mainframe interface
  • Object model solution
  • Sending special keys
  • Send key events