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Why Get Blue Prism Principles Training from Agilify?

…because you won’t find it anywhere else! Principles is a completely customized course that Agilify designed by merging Blue Prism Foundations and Blue Prism Practitioner trainings.

By taking the Principles course, you save time and money. Instead of spending two weeks in Indianapolis taking Foundations and Practitioner trainings, you minimize your time and money investment by taking the expedited, one-week Principles course.

Is Blue Prism Principles for me?

Blue Prism Principles course is ideal for those that have completed Blue Prism’s self-paced study guide and attempted their own developments. Or those that have taken Foundations but would like a refresher while challenging themselves with the new concepts in Practitioner. Or maybe you want to take Principles to prepare for Blue Prism certification.

Prior knowledge of Blue Prism is required, so there will be a pre-class assessment to ensure that participants qualify for the Blue Prism Principles course.

What can I expect from the Blue Prism Principles course?

This 5-day training utilizes the Blue Prism training environment for the duration of the class. Participants learn and practice hands-on navigation and management of automations within Blue Prism’s IPA tool. By the end of the course, participants will have successfully completed a consolidation exercise, demonstrating proficiency with Blue Prism’s process automation software.

Principles is an accelerated learning course where the intent is for participants to be able to utilize Blue Prism and gain the basic knowledge needed to be able to produce a working Blue Prism Automation and manage that automation. This course will cover all of the essentials of Blue Prism in a detailed manner so any trainee will be able to confidently operate Blue Prism after passing the course.

This course includes instructor-based and hands-on learning within Blue Prism. All participants are provided with access to Blue Prism and a working environment to utilize during the course. Registered participants should expect to learn how to navigate Blue Prism, understand the start-to-finish of creating an automation process, and understand the internal workings of the program including work queues and system management. Participant knowledge is assessed throughout the course and self-tests are mandatory to ensure maximum knowledge retention.

Blue Prism Principles Course Objectives
  • Navigate the Blue Prism GUI
  • Perform tasks within Blue Prism
  • Create process flow
  • Understand the Lifecycle and Delivery Roadmap of RPA in Blue Prism
  • Use objects and elements through modelling applications
  • Understand the work queue operations
  • Use of the control room to manage processes remotely
  • Use environment variables and encrypted credentials
  • Use Objects and Elements through modeling applications
  • Learn best practices through interaction with Accredited Instructors
  • Define, design, diagram and create an end-to-end consolidation exercise
Blue Prism Principles Course Content
  • Introduction to RPA
  • Terminology
  • Process Studio & Flow
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Business Objects (Object Studio)
  • Overview of Error and Case Management
  • Additional Features
  • Documentation Overview
  • Defined Roles
  • Process Roadmap
  • File Manipulation
  • Excel and Collection Utilities
  • SMTP/POP Objects
  • Process Management
  • Diagramming your Process
  • Plan/Design Process
  • Review Phase
  • 2 End-to-End Consolidation Exercises