Published: December 16, 2020

‘Twas the week before Christmas,

And all through Santa’s house, not an elf was anxious, nor even a mouse!
The elves were all calm, without a worry or care,
Because they knew that St. Nicholas would soon be there.
All the presents were accounted for; no wish had been rejected.
Christmas would go off without a hitch—just as expected.

“How can you be so sure?” you say with some hesitation.
To tell you the reason gives me much gratification.
You’ve been so patient, so here is the reason why,
Santa decided intelligent automation
Was something he should try.

You say, “Santa uses automation to make Christmas a success?”
This isn’t by accident, Dear;
Santa knows best.

Now I will share how Santa uses automation to help Christmas be successful,
To take the guesswork away,
To make the Christmas process far less stressful.

Starting well before the decorations are hung or receiving the first child’s list,
Santa’s little helpers come in with the assist.
Machine learning algorithms are busy making predictions.
Other bots are checking inventory; others make sure there are no restrictions.
Others are determining who has been naughty or nice.
The data Santa receives is so accurate,
He rarely has to check twice.

Now, what to my wondering eyes should appear?
Santa Claus and eight tiny automation “reindeer!”
Very reliable and efficient, eliminating the redundant, manual work that came,
Santa was so excited; he called them out by name!

“Now, RPA! Now, RDA!!
Now NLP and bot authentication!!
On, ML! On, process mining!
On, IDP and image recognition”

Now off to the workshop! We will all have a ball!
Now automate! Automate! Automate all!

I am happy to share that because Santa uses intelligent automation,
You can be sure there will be a wonderful morning celebration.
Santa uses intelligent automation in various ways,
To go into detail, well, that would take me a few days.
My time is running out, so before this note goes from your sight,
I wish to say, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”