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Real-Time Insight and Peace of Mind for Your Automation Program

Did you know that 52% of organizations with automation programs haven’t scaled beyond 10 bots? This is usually due to lack of orchestration and executive transparency, which forces developers to support existing bots instead of developing something new.

If your organization is struggling to take the next steps with your automation program, proper insight may be what you need to succeed in process management and improvement.

Without proper insight, your organization may not be able to understand what’s happening with your automations on a daily basis, respond in a timely manner, or make strategic automation investments that align with your business needs.

Proper insight makes it easy to handle automation lifecycle management, follow an established design authority, and identify opportunities to scale.

That’s where Automation Mission Control from Agilify comes in. Agilify’s dedicated team of digital workforce analysts and highly certified and experienced developers will monitor, manage, and report on production automations across a variety of Intelligent Automation tools, all in real time.

Automation Mission Control features two service packages:

Table - Automation Mission Control Service Packages

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