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The Right Digital Workforce Operations for Automation Success

If your organization is struggling to take the next steps with your automation program, the right production operations may be what you need to succeed.

Without the right production operations, many organizations:

  • Struggle to know when and why automations stop working
  • Fix automation failures too slowly
  • Misunderstand the long-term impacts of automaton failures
  • Spend more time fixing than creating new automations
  • Have difficulty managing the digital workforce schedule

These are also some of the reasons why 52% of organizations with automation programs still haven’t scaled beyond 10 bots. The right insight makes it easier to handle automation lifecycle management, follow an established design authority, and identify opportunities to scale.

That’s where Automation Mission Control from Agilify comes in.

Agilify’s dedicated team of digital workforce analysts and highly certified and experienced developers can provide resources to resolve issues that may plague your digital workforce. By monitoring, managing, and reporting on production automations across a variety of Intelligent Automation tools in real time, we will share the digital workforce insights your organization needs to succeed.

Automation Mission Control features two different service packages. Choose the best fit for your organization:

Table - Automation Mission Control Service Packages

To learn more about how Agilify can support your organization with Automation Mission Control services, please use our contact form.