Setting Up A Successful Automation Governing Board

An area of governance is vital for the support and sustainability of an organization’s automation program. Behind every successful automation program is a defined, well-organized Automation CoE. Regardless of where you are in your automation journey—just getting started, in the middle, or well-established—this offering is beneficial for all businesses.

Design Overview

Agilify’s Design Overview covers everything you need to implement a successful automation program. We’ll educate you on the importance of an Automation CoE and the key factors that need to be taken into consideration as you’re developing one.

We’ll help you establish the fundamental areas for the support and sustainability of a successful automation program so you have the right people in place.

We won’t inundate you with slides; Instead, we will initiate a strategic discussion about the needs of all aspects of an Automation CoE so you fully understand how to support your program.

As part of the Design Overview, we’ll cover Organizational Change Management (OCM) and the importance of casting a clear vision of automation so you can present it well to your business, encouraging early adoption.

At the conclusion of our day together, Agilify will provide all of your Automation CoE guidelines.

This offering is ideal for CIOs, Executive Sponsors, Automation Leads, HR Representatives, and IT Professionals leading your automation program.

Design Workshop

For organizations committed to setting up or improving their full-scale Automation CoE, our Design Workshop is for you, as it is a deep dive into governance and operational best practices.

Agilify will assist you in the design, setup and implementation of an Automation (ACoE) to govern your newly-established automation program, then we’ll facilitate an intensive-learning workshop geared towards review of all of your development lifecycle standards and best practices.

You’ll have a clear picture of what you should automate first, last, and everything in between. You’ll have hands-on experience focusing on how you’ll communicate your automation message to your people, and we’ll cover how to successfully implement your software so you can be confident in your system.

At the conclusion of the Design Workshop, your organization will be fully equipped with all of the knowledge and documentation required to successfully implement both the Automation CoE and Digital Workforce Management support team.

This offering is perfect for Executives, CI Teams, Change Management Teams, and Program Management Teams.

Prior to commencement of this workshop, it is highly recommended that you have a working and validated automation environment and identified digital workforce management team members.

Listen as Agilify’s Principal of Automation Services Sandor Bathory explains why setting up a well-defined, well-organized Center of Excellence is important to any successful automation program.

View on Vimeo: Agilify Automation - Center of Excellence, Setting Up A Successful Automation Governing Board.