If you are not sure where to start, then Agilify’s Automation Awareness Workshop is for you.

Build Your Intelligent Automation Credentials, Because We All Have to Start Somewhere.

“Significant Intelligent Automation (IA) investments are on the table. Over 30% of enterprises are already investing over $50M in IA technologies, {and} only 20-30% of enterprises are not considering or are unsure about IA.” HfS Research

This 1-day session is a superb “first step” designed to help your organization get its arms around automation and what an Intelligent Automation journey might look like at your company. If you have been tasked to do more with less through automation or it’s simply your job to execute on the “digital now” mandate . . . enroll in this course.

This training will help clients understand the automation technology landscape and how it impacts potential Intelligent Automation opportunities. Those who attend will learn more about:

  • Which technologies might be right for your organization, for specific processes.
  • How to “get started” with a plan and program for Intelligent Automation at your organization.
  • The ability to identify processes that would benefit from automation.

You will gain an understanding of the importance of properly documenting the processes to prepare for automation and get a first-hand look at how automation actually works and unfolds as a program.

What's the result?

At the end of the course, you’ll know exactly what constitutes a good automation opportunity and how to spot such opportunities in your own organization.

The world runs on software and the rise of automation makes this course relevant for any business person. The Automation Awareness Workshop is open to anyone who wants to learn about automation, including analysts, front line associates, managers, and others. And the end result is greater efficiency (less time, lower costs) and greater effectiveness (enhanced productivity, quality, and user-customer experiences).

If you’re ready to guarantee your success, improve your ROI, and grow your automation program, contact us

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