Implementing Hardware, Software, and Network Systems

Would you benefit from ensuring that your automation systems are installed correctly? Regardless of how long you’ve been on your automation journey, validating your architectural elements can make a difference in your success.

Agilify’s Automation Architecture prepares you for the successful set up and implementation of all of your hardware, software, and networking systems.

Automation Architecture begins with a remote engagement, during which you will engage with a team of experts to gather and confirm specific infrastructure and pre-installation information, like:

  • User groups / roles
  • Design requirements
  • Permissions
  • Certificates
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Server specifications
  • Backup procedures and policies

When all of the prep work is complete, we’ll transition to an onsite engagement, where an Agilify Architecture Expert will be onsite to install and configure your automation software. Together, you will run a sample process to ensure that your system is working correctly.

With Automation Architecture, you’ll gain access to our practitioner knowledge, so you’ll know exactly how to set up your architecture. You’ll save time—because you don’t have to wade through hundreds of pages of automation technology documents, unsure of whether or not you need to complete steps for your specific setup. You’ll avoid making mistakes and the costs associated with them. And you’ll gain confidence, knowing that your environment is set up correctly, which sets you up for success in your automation journey.

This service is ideal for organizations that are looking to utilize their automation technology as quickly as possible. We will extract all of your requirements and allow you to avoid the complexity of installation and configuration.

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