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Robotic Process Automation continues to grow in popularity worldwide, which means that employers are looking for RPA-trained employees. Automation Anywhere is a market leader for IPA, and its software is ideal for those wanting to add RPA to their skills.

Automation Anywhere Certified Mastering Bots Course

Agilify’s Automation Anywhere Certified Mastering Bots course covers the core understanding of their platform in 5 days. There is pre-work required to attend this course.

Not only will you learn business use cases for RPA and the evaluation of processes to which RPA can be applied, this advanced course provides practical exercises in the main features and functionality of the Automation Anywhere platform. We’ll cover real-life case studies.

After taking Agilify’s Automation Anywhere course, you will be better prepared to pass your certification exam—because you are learning from the experts in a proven learning environment. Not only will you advance your career, you will be prepared to make significant contributions to your company’s automation journey

Why take the Automation Anywhere Advanced course with Agilify?

When it comes to Automation Anywhere, Agilify isn’t just a trainer; we’re a practitioner. We’ve used Automation Anywhere software for years. This means that we not only know and understand how to use the product (and train others in it), but we have a unique understanding of what it means to solve complex automation challenges as a developer.

Agilify has multiple Automation Anywhere accredited trainers and developer experts in house who will teach this course. If you are wanting to receive your Automation Anywhere Certified Mastering Bots Certification, this is your chance to take advantage of getting trained by the experts.

Join us for this 5-day course on site in Indianapolis, Indiana. Or—if your company has a team that requires training —we’ll gladly bring the Automation Anywhere training to you!

Course Objectives

The objectives of this training are to:

  • Provide an overview of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform, Architecture, and Components; and explain in detail various features and functionalities of the platform.
  • Explain in detail the various components of software, including Development, Runtime Client, and Control Room.
  • Explain Bots and ways to create Bots using different types of Recorders, Editor, and Basic Commands.
  • Explain advanced topics on Automation best practices, BotInsight, MetaBots, etc.
  • Discuss Use Cases and approaches to RPA.
  • Complete hands-on exercises to reinforce fundamentals covered during the training.
Course Content

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate good understanding of Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform, Architecture, and Components; and explain in detail various features and functionalities of the platform.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of Recorders, Editor, and various Basic Commands to build simple tasks / Bots for automating simple processes.
  • Independently develop medium to high complexity Bots, similar to the ones covered as exercises during the training.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of RPA and its use cases.