Watch: Automation Airwaves | Episode 5: Underestimating the True Benefits of Automation

There’s a fair bit of misunderstanding out there about the true benefits of automation. Many organizations see their automation programs only as cost eliminators or revenue generators. While the financial value of automation is very important, the human value is equally important.

In our view, the true benefit of automation is the difference between work that can be automated and work that only humans can do. When you automate mundane or repetitive tasks, you unlock endless opportunities for your associates to optimize their time and reach new heights at work.

In our work, we’ve found that many companies start their automation programs by focusing only on big projects with big ROI. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads their programs to slow down and stall, because they haven’t addressed the human side of the automation equation. Agilify takes a holistic approach to helping clients understand the true benefits of automation and its positive impact on their entire organization — from ROI, to associates, to customers, and beyond.

To learn more about how your organization can focus on the true benefits of automation watch the fifth episode of our new webcast, Automation Airwaves.