Watch Automation Airwaves | Episode 6: Keeping Audit Out of the Loop

If your automation program is growing, you may find that your company’s auditors will develop a keen interest in it. In fact, it’s likely that the moment your automation program scales up and starts covering critical control processes, audit will begin to scrutinize you.

There’s a steep cost for keeping audit out of the loop. Without adequate documentation, company auditors could put your whole program on pause and keep it stalled for months.

That’s why it’s so important to keep audit in the loop from the very beginning and establish trust by providing clear design authority documentation for all of your automations. Proving the financial value of your automation program to audit is key here.

To discover what happens when you keep audit out of the loop — and learn how to keep audit in the loop — watch the sixth episode of our new webcast, Automation Airwaves.

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