Watch: Automation Airwaves | Episode 7: Lack of an Automation Strategy

Picking random processes to automate — also known as “task harvesting” — isn’t a real strategy.

There’s a steep cost for keeping audit out of the loop. Without adequate documentation, company auditors could put your whole program on pause and keep it stalled for months.

For your automation program to scale and succeed, you need long-term planning, with an automation strategy that accounts for the roles your new digital workforce will play across your entire organization.

Without a proper strategy, your automation program could stall. So as you develop your strategy, you need to make sure to keep in mind your overall vision for your automation program, as well as future IT and audit requirements. You should outline your strategy in a living document that evolves over time.

Learn more about the importance of automation strategy in the seventh episode of our new webcast Automation Airwaves.