Watch Automation Airwaves | Integrated Automation Series Episode 3: IA Use Case

Have you heard about Agilify’s service RADILO™? “RADILO” stands for Reimagine A Day In the Life Of. It’s a deep-dive into how Intelligent Automation can eliminate routine tasks and improve workdays for people in an organization.

How does RADILO relate to Integrated Automation? Well, integrations of different types of automation software are what allow us to reimagine employees’ everyday tasks. Integrated Automation is the framework that makes a robust Intelligent Automation program — and RADILO — possible.

To learn more about RADILO and Integrated Automation, watch the latest episode of Automation Airwaves: Episode 3:IA Use Case

To learn more about your human workforce and digital workforce coming together, you can also download our Integrated Auatomation White Paper: What is Integrated Automation?