Watch Automation Airwaves | Episode 3: Governance

If your automation program only consists of a small set of bots, the idea of an automation governance board might seem like overkill. However, if you have plans to expand automation at your organization, an automation governance board (also known as a Center of Excellence) is an indispensable investment in the future health of your program.

Automation governance boards are usually comprised of key program stakeholders from the executive team, HR, legal, IT, and other relevant departments. They’re there to make informed decisions, guide your program, and help avoid chaos. Governance isn’t about adding extra bureaucratic control and oversight — it’s about everyone working together to maintain organizational control over your automation program.

To help you establish your own automation governance board, Center of Excellence worskshops. We’ll help you identify who should be on the board, learn how to prioritize your automation pipeline, and set the right tone for discussing automation with your personnel. Ultimately, we’ll make sure that you have an automation roadmap to cover all of your future goals.

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