Watch Automation Airwaves | Episode 4: Automation Anxiety & Cultural Roadblocks

“How can automation improve processes?”

“How much money can it save?”

Those are good questions to ask as you start implementing intelligent automation programs... but ROI shouldn’t be your only focus. You’ve also got to pay attention to your people! After all, they’re who’ll be using and managing your automations. Without their enthusiastic buy-in, your program could stall. That’s why you need change management and a strategic communication plan to help deal with automation anxiety and improve associate experience.

At one of Agilify’s first client companies, it seemed like everyone was excited about implementing automation. Everything seemed great, and there were no lay-offs associated with the new program. But as time went on, Agilify discovered that many employees still didn’t understand why automations are built in phases, why their jobs were changing, or why automation was being introduced. Employees’ automation anxieties led to a significant amount of program slow-down — until Agilify helped the client develop a comprehensive communication plan to help educate employees about automation and help them feel empowered about their new opportunities.

Based on that discovery, Agilify now offers a suite of organizational change management. a workshops to help clients ease their employees’ automation anxieties and avoid automation program stalling.

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