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On-Demand Support for Any Intelligent Automation Program

Agilify is dedicated to providing your company with Intelligent Automation services to fit your unique timeline and budget. We have two different delivery models: Automate by Project and Automation Expert for Hire.

Automate by Project

High quality. High speed. Affordability. They say when it comes to automation development, you’ll never get all three — but they’re wrong. Agilify is changing the game.

Agilify will help you analyze your automatable processes and build a price to complete for a defined scope of services, instead of quoting an hourly rate.

We’ll provide all the resources your automation program needs, from start to finish, on a clear timeline. With the entire power of Agilify, you’ll be guaranteed a set of automation solutions that solve your business problems with a lower risk return on your automation investment.

Our Automate It services include:

  • Defining business problems in their current states that can be solved by automation
  • Gathering business process requirements and design process maps for automation implementation
  • Guiding the discovery to produce automations that align to industry best practices
  • Developing and test automation for targeted processes
  • Manage the migration and deployment process through production launch

Automate by Project holds Agilify accountable for the effort and oversight required to create and implement your finished automation solutions on time and on budget, while giving you a clear view of the entire process.

It also allows you to leverage Agilify’s unique intellectual property and practitioner expertise to predict realistic budgets and timelines. Whatever the scope of your automation project, our class-leading development and delivery practices will help make it successful.

Automation Expert for Hire Model

Already have an automation program and need a few analysts or developers? Want help discovering those processes that should be automated? Need some extra leadership in your center of excellence?

Whatever the need, Agilify will provide on-demand or long-term automation expertise to fill any role you need and provide any automation guidance you may be lacking.

Free from the restrictions of any single project or deadline, you’ll have access to Agilify’s unique intellectual property and automation expertise whenever you need for as long as you need.

With a broad range of certified automation strategists, analysts, and developers, Agilify can support you anywhere along your Intelligent Automation journey.

Automation Expert for Hire roles include:

  • CoE Architect
  • Program Manager
  • Platform Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Developer
  • Senior Developer
  • Solution Architect
  • Automation Supervisor
  • Support Analyst
  • Test and Deployment Manager

The Automation Expert for Hire Model fills gaps in your automation program with specific services tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re new to automation or looking to add value to your existing program, our automation experts can help you achieve unprecedented success in your Intelligent Automation journey.

Ready to scale your automation program and improve your ROI with on-demand support? contact us