Agilify, a leading pure-play intelligent automation practitioner, was honored with two regional awards at Blue Prism’s 2021 Partner Forum event. Doug Thompson, CEO at Agilify said “Both of these awards acknowledge Agilify as a leader in the adoption of intelligent automation to drive digital transformation.”

Both the Regional Training Partner of the Year and Regional Client Business Impact Healthcare awards recognize Agilify as a key partner in Blue Prism’s ecosystem while highlighting their expertise in delivering intelligent automation capabilities to digitally transform how organizations operate, compete, and innovate in the Americas.

The Regional Client Business Impact Healthcare award spotlights Agilify’s role in supporting healthcare workers during COVID-19. “Blue Prism’s free COVID license program was a great catalyst for Agilify to solve many healthcare business constraints and issues,” said Kim Kass, Director of Business Development at Agilify. “There wasn’t an industry more impacted than healthcare last year and we are grateful for the opportunity to step in and help in any capacity.”

The Regional Training Partner of the Year award is not new for Agilify. Having won this award in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and now 2021, Agilify continues to provide automation training at the highest level. “It is a great feeling that the folks who take our training are extremely delighted with the outcome of our classes,” said Kent Andrews, Chief Delivery Officer at Agilify, when speaking about the company’s Training Partner of the Year award. “We take great pride in our ability to transfer our practitioner knowledge on to those looking to improve their automation capabilities.”

“Blue Prism values our partner community for its positive impact on our shared customers. Their solutions built on the Blue Prism intelligent automation platform provide a way for organizations to approach work in a new, more agile way,” said Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer at Blue Prism. “Our partner awards are a way to showcase and thank our amazing partners for the incredible innovation and support they give to our customers.”

Agilify looks forward to continuing our work with Blue Prism to increase adoption of intelligent automation across the region. “Our partnership with Blue Prism has grown stronger every year since we implemented their RPA platform for our first customer in 2014. We are very appreciative of the honors that we received from Blue Prism this year,” said Dave Wells, CMO and Director of Alliances at Agilify. “We are excited about our unified strategy in bringing intelligent automation success to our customers and look forward to the opportunity to deliver together for many years to come.”

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Agilify, a leading pure-play intelligent automation practitioner, provides automation advisory, technology, and training services to improve business processes. Having led transformations for enterprises, many of which are in the Fortune 500, the Agilify team serves global business service organizations across all industry verticals. Agilify’s digital workforce solutions provide the knowledge and know-how to help customers embrace automation technologies and lay the foundation for their automation program success. Agilify is the guide that many of the world’s most respected companies have selected to lead them through this new era of workforce transformation, one that seeks to fulfill the true potential of a combined human and digital workforce. To learn more, visit

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