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Published: September 01, 2020 – Author: Darin Munn

It’s safe to say Intelligent Automation (IA) is here to stay.

By now, most organizations have at least explored its array of capabilities, and many have discovered its undeniable ability to improve business processes and impact corporate initiatives. However, despite early successes, the majority of automation programs are experiencing the same core set of challenges—none of which are proving more difficult than achieving scale and unlocking the significant value that is promised by automation.

A recent survey by The Economist found that 91% of organizations are using automation technologies, yet only 51% noted that they have made extensive use of it. But let’s be clear–extensive use of automation technologies does not necessarily imply that a scalable automation program exists. True scale and value are much more than extensive use of technology.

While automation program scale remains seemingly elusive for most, the automation service provider ecosystem continues to evolve in ways that are intended to better support this objective. They have broad experiences with programs of all shapes and sizes and are therefore well-positioned to support their customers. But let it be known not all service providers are equally capable. Their engagement models range from hands-off, advisory-only relationships to full-scale implementation and advisory partnerships, but the level of practitioner experience varies dramatically from provider to provider.

With many options available, how does an organization decide which model is best to serve their unique program?

Because every enterprise is on a unique automation journey, the one size fits all approach does not work. A good starting point is to look at where your organization is in its automation journey and to evaluate what your goals are for the next 12-18 months. Some service providers focus heavily on digital transformation, automation strategy, and center of excellence (COE) program development. While important, each of these elements can take upwards of a year (if not years) to fully develop.

In comparison, consider a more tangible approach with a consumable timeline that enables business objectives and demonstrates the value and limitless potential of the automation program. This approach, while different than those with an emphasis on large transformational programs, shifts the focus slightly towards timely, effective, quality, and high-velocity operational delivery engines. This is how a partner can accelerate your program right now.

Strong automation delivery engines equate to resilient, robust, scalable solutions—an important factor for achieving business objectives. In fact, a Forrester Survey found that 84% of respondents view resilient automation (or high-quality, robust solutions) as very or extremely important for achieving business objectives, yet only 16% of firms are very effective at it. This goes to show that an automation program takes more than a mission, vision, and strategy.

For those who are struggling with resiliency and are yet to partner with a service provider (or that may be struggling with their current partner), it may be time to reconsider your strategy. A renewed delivery approach may be exactly what your operation needs to break through, mature, and enable the high-value, scalable program your leadership team expects.

Upcoming Mini-Series

In this five-week series, join me as I share five specific capabilities that you should expect from a true value-added, strategic automation partner in order for your intelligent automation program to achieve success now. Looking ahead, the five topics are:

  1. Process discovery and analysis led by knowledge domain experts
  2. Enterprise-grade automation development
  3. Real-time development mentoring options for your staff
  4. Bot health check to harden production solutions
  5. Dedicated automation production support services

Now more than ever, partnering with the right service provider, like Agilify, can be the difference between a failed or successful intelligent automation program scale. Tune in as we uncover the importance of process discovery and analysis led by knowledge domain experts.

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