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Get Intelligent Automation Ready- from Planning to ROI

You want the benefits of automation quickly. To that point, we help assess your business automation readiness, conduct workshops for all levels of your organization to prepare to automate your business, and offer design-to-deliver automation solutions to streamline business processes. As an intelligent RPA industry leader and pioneer, with highly experienced consultants, we analyze your business processes and outline for you, a customized road map in a way that takes into account where you are today and helps you scale Intelligent Automation initiatives, and goals, for tomorrow.
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Where You Are, Is Where It Begins

Making automation work for you is not a simple “plug and play” process, and it's not just about your technology. It’s about people, business processes, and change management, too. It’s about a mindset that, no matter where you are in your digital strategy, there is a proper place to start and move forward... safely. Agilify is over six years down this path and can help you integrate and connect all your software, technologies, and processes into Intelligent Automation solutions. Digital solutions that actually work in production environments. We know how to plan, architect, build, and staff Intelligent Process Automation that works.
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RPA: Automation + People, Working Together

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is more than simply utilizing a technology. It’s about understanding your business, as well as identifying and mapping the right processes required. It’s about learning how your business functions and how your Intelligent Automation tools will operate at scale. That’s why our training Academy and R&D lab - the “Collaboratory” - identify and focus on all the elements of a successful collaborative process automation systems journey - people, processes, and technology. It is this unique blend that makes 1st generation Intelligent Automation solutions successful.
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Our Partners:

World-class partners to build world-class intelligent automation. Agilify has a diverse set of partners to help any intelligent automation journey be successful—no matter where you are at on your automation journey. Our extensive expertise, paired with our partners’ expertise, guarantees we can offer a range of products so that your digital transformations dreams can come to life.

Our Clients:


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With our award-winning RPA solutions, you can leverage our extensive automation suite, and digitally transform your key business functions.

Download the Whitepaper – The 100% Audit

Did you know that Intelligent Automation can actually expand the scope and reduce the cost of the auditing process? It’s true! The advantages of Robotic Process Automation is completely changing the rules and outcomes of auditing. Find out how from the RPA industry leader!

Automation Airwaves | Integrated Automation Episode 1: Defining Integrated Automation

‘Integrated Automation’ is a relatively new term in the automation industry, and it’s left some people with a number of questions.  To help explain the concept, we’re bringing back our webcast Automation Airwaves with a new series on Integrated Automation.

Unlock New Automation Opportunities by Merging Traditional Development with RPA

Read our latest blog post to learn how you can merge traditional automation development with robotic process automation (RPA) to unlock new Intelligent Automation opportunities for your business.

Where Can Intelligent Automation Improve Your Business?

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to automation, but here are a handful of business processes where implementing Intelligent Automation delivers speed to value.



Trillions of dollars "leak" from supply chains annually, across order processing, fulfillment, & payments. Intelligent Automation helps increase the speed, accuracy, and impact of data entry and management. We identify where and how business workflow automation improves connectivity, control, and performance of your company's processes.

Revenue Cycle Management


By applying Intelligent Automation technology to the revenue cycle, we help companies accelerate their process workflow and cash flow by improving invoice and billing accuracy, sales exceptions (discounts, rebates) and liberating FTEs to focus more on customer service and less on manual process administration.



When applied effectively, digital process automation solutions can transform select HR processes to reduce errors, decrease time & costs, and improve quality. We help HR teams to automate business processes like benefits administration, payroll, onboarding, and other time-intensive processes, freeing your employees to focus on the people involved.

Finance and


Robotic Process Automation solutions in finance and accounting departments can transform the way you do financial data processing. An intelligent automation solution can perform quality checks, then generate and send reports automatically to managers, saving time while improving accuracy, workflow efficiency and workload capacity.

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Higher Education bulletAirlines/Aviation bulletHealthcare bulletFinance bulletInsurance
Government bulletIT bulletUtilities bulletManufacturing bulletPharmaceutical bulletBanking bulletTelecom
10 X

Improvements in Cost - 10x Enterprise ROI

What Can Intelligent Automation Do for You

100 %

Enterprise Efficiency - 100% Automation of Manual Tasks

83 %

Enterprise Innovation - 83% Pass Certification Exams Per Our Academy (industry average is 50%)

Why Choose Agilify?

Agilify Automation is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) company that specialises in helping organizations unleash human potential by implementing and mastering Intelligent Automation solutions that streamline business processes saving our clients time and money.

We have years of experience in the automation industry and can provide organizations with the support and expertise they need to develop their Intelligent Automation structure, avoiding pitfalls and maximizing scalability.

Where ever you might be in your automation journey, Agilify Automation can help you realize how business process automation works, for you.